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13 definitions by Badboy

Revenge by all means available
I can't believe that mutha screwed me over, Im gonna Kill Bill his ass!
by Badboy October 30, 2003
"You wanted a burger, well there you go get you laughing gear round that"
by Badboy October 30, 2003
meaning a tune is heavy to Mc to
usually used by Underground Garage Mcs
"trust me this tune is Merky"
by BADBOY November 09, 2004
Cool with a lil flare, also "Coolabool"
You can make it in a hour, coolaboola
by Badboy August 27, 2003
when somebody doesnt know what they are talking about
this jerk-off is full of wankerisims
by badboy September 17, 2003
is when a person does more than what is required of him/her.
22 pages!!! you've done a morley
by Badboy February 11, 2004
Awake and with it
"I saw him this morning and he said `Wow you look as fresh as a fucking daisy!` (with mocking English accent)"

Gumball Jackass
by Badboy August 27, 2003