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To chat idly about things that neither person involved in the conversation will be likely to remember.
John: "We decided to shoot the shit for a while."

Jeff: "Oh yeah? What'd you talk about?"

John: "I don't remember."
by Blasphemous January 25, 2003
To just hang out and bull shit about random stuff.
Paul:Hey man you wanna go to the mall
Mike:Nah man, let's just go skate and shoot the shit.
by Jew March 29, 2004
To pass leisure time idly conversing.

Etymology: Possibly originates from WWI when soldiers in trenches would use bucket latrines and then shoot at them for target practice during downtime.
Wife: What do you guys do when you're fishing all day?

Guy: You know... Stuff.

Wife: No I don't know, that's why I asked.

Guy: Just shoot the shit, nothing important.
by Sick Ducker (I shoot ducks) December 03, 2009
To talk idley about nothing in particular
"Come on over and shoot the shit"
by Missy August 17, 2004
- Phrase. To engage in a useless activity, usually conversation without any emotional or instructorial value.
Philosophers can shoot the shit better than anybody.
by Hobgoblin88 April 18, 2009
Discussions centered around useless shit, especially when the agenda is to do nothing, or keep yourself from doing something you should be doing.

shortened: "Shoot it."
"What are you guys up to?" "Shooting the shit."

"Hey are you interested in a little shit shooting?"

"Let's shoot it."
by Dylan Sauer April 07, 2005
1. A word described to hang out or chill with friends or recall times of memories

2. To shit your underwear and hang it on a close line. Grab a shotgun or pistol and KABOOM shoot the shit!

3. Explosive diarrhea in the toilet or on somebody a messy Cleveland steamer.

1. Having a get together for the super bowl come on over and shoot the shit.

2. Get a mental image of a bullet causing exploding poo and urine coming out of a pair of tightey whiteys.

3. I ran to the toilet cause I felt a case of explosive diarrhea coming over me. I did not make it and shot the shit all over her cat.
by ShotTheShit April 05, 2013
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