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The end of a retarded joke in order to make others feel shortchanged for knowing someone dumb enough to utter it.
"Want two CD's?"
"Want to see deez nuts?!?"
by Looch May 11, 2003
A name crafted by someone with no imagination, creativity or obvious talent with the English language in order to attempt to slam a piece of machinery. The fact that they have done this speaks to the fact that they hold video games very high in their priorities, proving a few things:
1) They need to find solace in games because women want nothing to do with them.
2) They also lack any life whatsoever. The lack of skill and time it took to post this shows they lack people skills and intelligence to work at the most menial of jobs.
3) They will be spankin' it to Tomb Raider later.
Person 1: "Its not Nintendo, its Ninturdo!"
Person 2: "Do I actually waste my free time hearing this?"
by Looch May 11, 2003
Art Art Smit's brother; not as well-to-do, but tries to claim he is smarter because he is older.

See also Snart Snart Smit.
"There's Art Art Smit and Smart Smart Smit, maybe you can be Snart Snart Smit!"
by looch May 11, 2003
How Samantha and her friends spell "fuzzy" on Instant Messenger.
I luv fuzeegrl69!! lololol!!!1
by Looch May 11, 2003
The youngest of the imaginary Smit family. Often picked upon for being the youngest, being named Snart Snart, and for seeing movies like The Real Cancun.

See also gash.
He saw The Real Cancun!?! What a gash!
by looch May 11, 2003
Inject heroin in your veins and go down the spiral.
Layne liked to shoot the shit; he liked it too much.
by Looch September 09, 2005
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