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the act of urinating while your cock is in a woman's ass
That freak was totally into anal pissing
by cilicat February 12, 2010
an event involving a brick being smashed into someone's mouth, usually in the morning
Oh man, that guys face is a mess! He must have had a brickfeast fed to him!
by cilicat February 12, 2010
using a stream of urine to bore a hole in ice or deep snow
Piss drill through that layer of ice
by cilicat April 25, 2013
a man who swallows his own semen to replenish his supply
Don't kiss that guy; he's totally a refueler!
by cilicat February 12, 2010

The technique of machining or shaping with one's hands controlling the tools. The opposite of CNC.
Yeah I use NCAC to make them. My parents gave me a decent NCAC set up back in 1972.
by cilicat February 14, 2010
when a woman punches a man in the face while giving him head, usually in retaliation for a donkey punch
Yeah, I got this black eye from Nancy when she gave me a blowpunch.
by cilicat February 12, 2010
what you say after a chick deep throats you and is having a coughing fit
hack, cough, sputter...

Aww, goesintight!
by cilicat February 13, 2010
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