converses that come to about your knee that are neither shoes nor boots they are shoots
girl i love your shoes

girl i love your boots

dude there shoots
by Delainey Perrine October 18, 2011
Shoot a cap in ur ass
shooting a bullet in ur ass
by Teresa September 09, 2004
what u scream when u want sumone to shoot you.
shoot ya god damn pussy.
by Jeevs January 14, 2003
Footware that combines shoes and boots. Usually ankle high (at least) and cover more of the foot and ankle than a traditional shoe or sandal. Fasten with straps, snaps, or zippers; occasionally just a pull on/slip on. May have open or closed toes. Usually have a heel (which keeps it out of the straight boot category). If you don't know whether to call them shoes or's shoots.
My sandals just don't look right with this little dress.

Then wear your shoots; they go with everything.
by leg luxury March 21, 2010
A word used by ginos
When someone talks shit, a gino fag will say shoots! shoots! often followed by bro, and do a lame gun with his hand and shoot into the sky - looking like a complete moron.
Mario: shoots bro.. shoots
by 45345345 April 06, 2006
To give something to someone
Person 1: i can shoot you some of my extra cigarettes.
Person 2: shoot em this way
by jacob14sk14 July 12, 2015

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