A word used when departing from a scene for a short time. EG another word for "im off"
right its been nice hangin' but im gonna shoot now.. laters
by SaQ June 16, 2004
back off cause i'm pissed and will smack you
"that boy thinks he's hot shit, but's he's got a crumpled ear...shoot"
by Deeps February 04, 2004
What you scream when you think your mate should shoot during a football match.
by Wise Man November 24, 2003

Reportedly or confirmed to be a true statement or representation (opposite of work).

(note that sometimes a shoot can actually turn out to be a work or a rib... unless it's an iggy)
"Don't let all the marks work you into a shoot!" -Hollywood Hulk Hogan
by Zor Prime November 22, 2003
A casual goodbye for short-term absences.
Yo, I'm out like cassettes, shoot!
by Bill Warburton January 17, 2004
To make fun of or to pick at someone
"Oh werd. He got jokes. He's tryna shoot."
by Jamal Novelle February 19, 2005
A command asking someone to roll dice for money
Aye bro, shoot dat money.
by mrmiltown February 16, 2010

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