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A Chamorro (Chamoru) from the Pacific Ocean island of Guam (Guahan).

A U.S. Census classification for Chamorros (Chamorus) from the U.S. territory of Guam (Guahan).

The indigenous population of the island of Guam (Guahan).
A: What's your ethnicity?
B: Guamanian.
A: What's that?
B: A Chamorro from the island of Guam.
by urban munky November 11, 2007
86 31
A person who was born and raised on Guam, but is not Chamorro.
P1: You're from Guam? So, what are you.. are you like Guamish?
P2: No, I think she's Guamese.
Me: No, it's Guamanian.
by shellerocks. June 10, 2005
111 67
A native from the Island of Guam;

Our Island was discovered by the Spaniards.
You can still be Guamanian even if you weren't born in Guam.

~Hafa Adia~
"hello how are you"
Everyone that is Guamanian has a specific name by gender.

Men from Guam are chamorro;

Females from Guam are chamorrita;

Guam USA
by True Guamanian Chamorrita November 11, 2009
29 29
Guamanian - Chamorro's that have been colonized by spain, japan, and american.

Guamanian is the american name for a chamorro, people from the island of guam...

The name guamanian is what we call our selfs becuase its to annoying to hear someone try and say Chamorro the right way so we say Guamanian instead.

Chamorro - pacific islanders, not asian, not hawiian.
person1 - your from Guam? so your guamish?
Chamorro - no im chamorro.
person1 - chumouo
Chamorro - No chamorro
person1 - chamomou
Chamorro - No nevermind, just say Guamanian

Guam american name for our island...

aka Give Us American Money G.U.A.M.
by Mendiola November 30, 2005
51 55
People from the island of Guam who think they are Chamorros.They are wannabes who try to fit in with the Northern Marianas Islands but fail.They are stupid because they made up their own language and their own ethnicity. I mean, come on, "Guamanian" ain't even a real word. They think that they are Chamorros but they do not have any Chamorro blood in them.In other words,they don't belong to any race.
"Hey, are you chamorro?"
"No.I'm Guamanian."
"What's that?"
"A native from Guam."
"Say something."
"Nihi ya ta go to the store."
"What does that mean?"
"Let's go to the store."
by Pure Blooded Chamorro January 08, 2009
13 95