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3 definitions by nAaLdEiXa

equivalent to damn, only cooler. much cooler.
shoot...that girl be wearin weaves.
by nAaLdEiXa February 04, 2003
24 14
shoot...only da most bad-ass nigga 2 eva postulate about love n' virtue and ish like dat.
Tyrone- Yo, biatch! Why aint you be comin' to my party?
Shanequa- Bitch ass nigga, cause iz gotz to read dis Socratizzle shiznat fo class tomorrow!
by nAaLdEiXa February 05, 2003
7 9
what that girl be wearin
shoot, that girl be wearin weaves
by nAaLdEiXa February 04, 2003
16 21