Shoobie is the term for a visitor to the Southern Jersey Shore. From Cape May to Long Beach Island visitors are called Shoobies and from Long Beach Island north, visitors are called Bennies.

The term is believed to come from the depression era to describe people who would take the train from Philadelphia area to the Jersey Shore for the day. They would bring their lunch and bathing suit in a shoe box. These people would spend very little while visiting and were mainly disliked by the locals.
Today, the term is mainly a tongue in cheek term referring to anyone who does not live at the South Jersey Shore.
This town is packed full of Shoobies! Shoobie go home.
by January 17, 2013
A tourist of South Jersey beaches, who has no clue what the hell they are doing at the beach or in general. The term originated when tourists visiting from Philadelphia carried their lunches in shoe boxes.
Hey, that fat annoying shoobie in the pink tube got in my way
by rbOC1 August 10, 2010
Tourists who invade beaches, primarily in the summer time, or other beach seasons.
You know you're a shoobie when: 1. You wear sneakers & socks on the beach, 2. Use of tents &or umbrellas, 3. VISORS, 4. Boogie Boards, 5. "Wings" bags, 6. A plethora of zinc sunscreen, 7. Having an array of sandwhiches packed away in your cooler
by Bmeyer August 20, 2011
a) A shoobie is someone that thinks that they are cool, but they are not.
b) Someone that THINKS they are high up in the social ladder
c) A shoe can also be a total goober
a/b) That girl is a serious shoobie.

c) What is she wearing? Definite shoobie.
by ernduru November 06, 2014
Word derived from the Nickelodoen television show Rocket Power. The main characters of the show, from Southern California, referred to tourists that wore socks and sandals as shoobies.
Guy 1: Hey, do you see that guy over there wearing socks and sandals?!
Guy 2: Man, he is such a shoobie!
by Bed Nigby March 24, 2014
A tourist who infringes on locals' daily lives to enjoy themselves. Originally restricted to beachgoers of the New Jersey coast, the term has expanded to include attendees to events such as Austin's South by Southwest festival.
Person 1: Hey, are you going to the show at the Mohawk tonight?
Person 2: Nah, man, too many shoobies downtown this week. Killin' my vibes.
by marco del arco March 12, 2014
A person who wears any form of shoes on the beach.
A shoobie is not someone who wears socks and flops.
Look at Shmaddie and her shmoos, what a shoobie
by antishoob August 31, 2009
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