another term for a person who wears socks with sandals; thus creating something like a wanna be shoe.
That guy is wearing socks with sandals, what a total shoobie!

Dude, quit being a shoobie, either wear sandals bare or put on shoes!
by Jessica Montoya February 20, 2009
The Shoobie is very similar to the Dougie although the Shoobie is the white mans version. This dance was founded by a very intoxicated R.I. Shoe who was breaking it down while dancing at the bar. The name was formed by one of his very close friends Cmerc. This dance is taking over the NE PA area and will soon be seen in music videos all across the world. This is a dance that can not be performed when sober and only comes out when extremely intoxicated. The SHOOBIE is a dance that once it starts it will take over the whole bar or the entire party……Coming soon the TEACH ME HOW TO SHOOBIE VIDEO All rights to the shoobie are copyrighted
Last night after getting extremely intoxicated i was handing out golden tickets and doing the shoobie with mad bitches.
by PA SWAG DISTRICT February 16, 2011
a word refering to tourists. Often used by surfers, shateboarders, and snowboarders. Especially when the tourists interefere with the sport. Often thought of in a negative light.
So much for catching any good waves, too many shoobies.

for more on shoobies check out
by Jake January 28, 2004
People that go to South Jersey for vacation and get in the way of the people that actually live there. They are called shoobie because instead of being in Jersey they "shoobie home."
Those damn shoobies do not know how to drive.
by Shoobie Hunter March 20, 2005
Slanged used for tourists
Fucking shoobies have taken over our beach.
by CFX February 02, 2003
A worthless subordinant of a pimp. Usually sent to do dangerous chores which the pimp considers to dangerous to perform himself. (from California slang)
John, the pimp who lives down the street, sent his shoobie Mark to the drughouse to score drugs for his prostitutes.
by Karl April 19, 2004
An extremely annoying person, up-tight or Brad.
Look at these shoobies walking in the way of our skimboarding.
by Nicky Layne October 07, 2007
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