slang for touristm, they always have shoes on, thus, shoobie
check out the shoobies on the beach. eek!
by Qwerty April 21, 2004
someone who wears socks with his birkenstocks or sandals
look at the shoobie (beach bug)
by PARKIE!!!!!!!! May 30, 2004
n. Tourist, particularly one who in the course of his/her activities interferes with the traditional usage of beach areas. (Rest easy, Dave. Origin: New Jersey, c. 1920)
It's getting more difficult each day to catch waves with all these shoobies in the water!
by Bill May 02, 2003
A dirty, infected, disgusting, vagina that a fag named radio has.
person 1: haha ur mom has a shoobie
person 2: haha ya well go fuck yourself
person 1: haha u came out of it
person 2: haha well i'm goin to fucking kill you
by jordan "roidz" munoz January 28, 2008
Slang for tourists; if you stole this from Rocket Power you're sad.
Dude the shoobies are coming!
by Dave Eddy March 22, 2003
1.A term originated from the coast of California for tourists.

2.An annoying tourist who wears shoes on the beach.

3.Tourists that crowd surfing areas,skateboarding parks,etc.
"Oh crap it's the shoobie season again..."
"Don't worry bro they will be to occupied trying to run away from my BB gun pellets."
"Hehehe I'm in."
by pendragonfan101 October 07, 2005
a) A shoobie is someone that thinks that they are cool, but they are not.
b) Someone that THINKS they are high up in the social ladder
c) A shoe can also be a total goober
a/b) That girl is a serious shoobie.

c) What is she wearing? Definite shoobie.
by ernduru November 06, 2014

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