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A strange characer of infalliable knowledge. A beacon of hope for the teachers and governing staff of his school. Not to be confused with the german Michael Schumacker of the same name. ORIGINAL PRANKSTER. Often found hacking into government servers, has synthesised an antidote to the FBI's feared 'hacker to sleep' injection.
Youve bin shoey'd!!
That was a shoey like stunt
Dont feed animals gas,your not shoey!
Your the next urban terrorist/shoey
by William Gates February 03, 2005
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pouring an entire alcoholic drink into your shoe and skulling it entirely
hey man pass me your shoe, i wanna do a shoey.
by trelentless March 20, 2010
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The Nickname of the Bromance of Shane Dawson and Joey Graceffa. <3
Shane: I Love Joeyy <3
Joey: I Love Shanee <3

Shoey Foreverr
by Furbaby21 July 25, 2013
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an old man who lives with his mother and no other human being may enter the house. Possible consequences are wood down the throat, various children lobbed in your direction or being chased by his very prized posession, his legendary wooden bicycle. Is also known to be the fastest man....ever. Shoey never grows old.
person 1: i won the lottery and my mum stole it from me and only gave me 20p!

person2: your such a shoey!
by hiya. April 03, 2009
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