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Joey Graceffa is a popular YouTuber, with over 900,000 subscribers. His channels are joeygraceffa and joeygraceffagames. On his main channel he does daily videos, talking about life and his day. On his gaming channel, he plays mostly Hungercraft, with his friend Stacy. Also he games shirtless. He currently lives with Kalel (WonderlandWardrobe) and Anthony (smosh) in sunny Los Angeles. Joey is originally from Massachusetts. He came to L.A. with his best friend Brittany (HeyBritttany). Together they had a channel called WinterSpringPro, but Joey quit from that channel. Joey was most well-known for his role as Gale in WinterSpringPro's I Wanna Go (Hunger Games Parody) featuring Whitney (whitneyleemilam) and Luke (lukeconard, Luke, and lukesarcade). Most of Joey's vlogs contain Ingrid (missglamorazzi and TheGridMonster), Cat (catrific, morecatrific, and catrificplays), Meghan (Strawburry17 and LifeBurry), Whitney, Luke, and a wide variety of YouTubers. Joey has also competed on Season 22 The Amazing Race with Meghan. They ended up getting 5th place. Also Joey has two weekly shows with Meghan on the channel TEENcom. Joey has an older sister and a younger brother. Growing up, Joey had divorced parents and a mom with an alcohol addiction. Also he was put in special classes cause when he was younger he chewed on lead toys, so that caused him to have special needs. Also JOEY IS THE MOST SEXIEST BEAST ALIVE, HIS HAIR IS OMG PERF ALONG WITH HIS BODY, FACE AND EYES. <333 ya Joey.
Who is that?
That's Joey Graceffa <333
by crazy stalker May 25, 2013
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Joey Graceffa is a very successful youtuber/vlogger with over 3 million subscribers. He is known for his great looks and daily vlogs, which are videos of his daily life that are uploaded every day. He started out on a channel called winterspringpro but then branched of to his main channel that he is known for today. He lives with youtuber strawberry17 or Meghan Camarena and her brother David Camarena who are often seen in his daily vlogs along with youtubers Catrific, Missglamorazzi, and Shane Dawson. Shane and him make collab videos often and are known for there kiss. Joey is also starting to write a book about his life. He is a favorite of many viewers and continues to thrive in his career as a youtuber.
Joey Graceffa is very funny when he films collabs with Shane Dawson.
by July 02, 2014

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