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An individual who rides a bicycle in an urban area thereby terrorizing all pedestrians and motorists
My friend Jimmy was impaled by an urban terrorist; or I was driving down the street and an urban terrorist came crashing through my windshield.
by HappyGoJacky December 08, 2010
10 0
A person or persons that is trained in hand to hand combat, firearms, homemade bombs and usally has a great knowledge of government and local police actions. being said most of these persons should be feared as they will kill anyone and anything, have no moral feeling or sense of wrong doing.
Barack Hussein Obama
urban terrorist
by drummerafn December 16, 2010
3 8
According to a radio station host, it is a gang of black people that attacks unsuspecting white families on holiday get togethers.
My family went to the fireworks on the fourth of July and were attacked by urban terrorists.
by Beefy Jerk April 14, 2010
4 14