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when your in a public place you shout thorpe and pretend your swimming in mid air with your arms
THORPE "starts to swim in mid air"
by rory murphy February 12, 2008
A term reserved for the utmost of inter-office loiterers. Their "work" day is spent solely upon interrupting the work flow of others by inflicting a consistent barrage of physical banter, task delfection, and questions that have nothing to do with the operations of their work environment. Also commonly referred to as "That Guy," a Thorpe is the ultimate one-upper in any conversation, especially those they were not invited to participate in.
That guy is such a Thorpe! Honestly, can anyone tell me what he does here?
by Jim Cobb September 15, 2010
To shit in someones dryer and/or the lint trap of said dryer.
That bastard just Thorped us!
by RustyShackelford58 September 05, 2010
Thorpe, adj, To shave off all of your body hair. Ussally assotiated with men that wish they were really a woman.
Did that dude really Thorpe? Thats so gay.
by sexylexy1 September 03, 2009
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