Places where you see shoes that are thrown on a telephone wire indicate drug houses or places where you can purchase drugs.
Hey, look, shoes on a wire! Finally we have found a place to buy drugs.
by Ricky Reynolds April 20, 2008
Footwear hanging from an overhead wire by the laces. The laces of the shoes are tied together, then lobbed up to the wire(s) so that the shoes hang and dangle. Supposedly signals a location where drugs can be purchased; also symbolizes pointlessness i.e. there is no good reason for the object (shoes) being there. Can be found near schools, and in poor areas and tourist locations.
"Once in awhile I'll spot shoes on a wire and it sparks my curiosity and I'll chuckle."

"Let's play the shoes on a wire game. First one to get the shoes to hang wins."
by yes juanito yes October 11, 2014

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