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When two or more people gather to complain or bitch about their problems.
"Whenever my co-workers are together, they always interwhine."

"Interwhining is not unusual at our annual family reunion."
by yes juanito yes September 08, 2014
Lavish or massive amount of items purchased at a shopping center or mall and returned home. Popular term among tween or teen girls who report all the items they purchased or purchased for them to their friends.
My 11 year old daughter posted a video on You Tube telling all her friends about her mall-haul.
by yes juanito yes January 24, 2012
For someone who lives on the streets, they don't need a home to live in. They don't need a roof over their head. Their home is the streets.
"I met a guy that refuses to stay in a shelter, and he doesn't mind living on the streets. He's staying at a campsite down the road. He's not really homeless, he's houseless."
by yes juanito yes June 04, 2014
When one moves into a new place and doesn't have a microwave oven. You are forced to eat out or use cookware, since you can't cook microwaveable foods.
I just moved into a new apartment and realized that's there's no way to cook TV dinners or Raman noodles. It dawned on me that I was in a state of Microwavelessness.
by yes juanito yes May 16, 2014
A husband who feigns incompetence in performing household tasks in order to be excused from having to do them. Examples include feigning an inability to vacuum, purposefully showing confusion in trying to locate items in the kitchen, totally avoiding and showing inability to do laundry, etc.
Jack: "I'm a husband faker. To get out of housework, I pretended to not know how to vacuum, cook or do the laundry. Now my wife does everything."
by yes juanito yes April 07, 2013
(noun) Automobile license tag which contains special meaning for the driver or owner of the vehicle. Must be officially registered with the state or local authority in order to place on the vehicle.
"I ordered a personalized plate from the state to put on my vehicle. It cost me a little extra, but I think it's worth it..."

"It's my first car, so I put '1ST CAR' on my personalized plate."
by yes juanito yes July 25, 2012
The advantage of a candidate running for national political office running in a state primary election who is generally believed to be the favorite due to their state of origin.
"Some candidates are bound to have home state appeal and be the favorite in the Presidential Election when they run in their home state."
by yes juanito yes February 16, 2012

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