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The most awesome place you will ever go, with the most amazing, accepting people. At young life you will have a contest to throw cheeseballs on guys' heads covered in shaving cream, to see who can get the most cheeseballs on. You will make with young life camp is the best week of your life. Go for it. Live life to the fullest.
I have gained so many awesome relationships through Young Life. Ten point Holler!!!
by said what? April 07, 2005
young life is not a cult!
guy 1: hey, lets go to younglife
guy 2: oh, okay!
by gangsta January 23, 2005
a gathering, or get together of teens, from a certain area or highschool, to spread the word of jesus christ, and exites teens to learn about the lord. younglife exists around the world. there are two parts to younglife; "club" which is many teens up into a higher number of hundreds depending on the size of the school or the area, that sing fun songs, including one or two hymms play games, and just do silly things. one of the younglife leaders, gives a talk on the lord at the end. you do not have to be a christian or even have faith in christianity to attend. most people show up high, or wasted. its non-denominational, as well. the second part is "campaigners" not many people attend campaigners as much as club. campaigners is more into reading from the bible and talking about it, and just relating life to jesus christ. younglife is NOT a cult. and if you do attend the younglife leaders aren't there to tell you what to do (ex: not to drink) they are there to tell you God loves you, to be your friend and to love what our lord made for us. there is also camps for younglife, which change your life, and give you more one on one time with the leaders. some times, the your younglife leader even becomes like your best friend like, me and my leader :)
DOODE. go to younglife it's the best thing ever.
good response: yeah! sounds like fun.
bad response: ew, no i heard its a cult.
by mcstunnah! October 12, 2009
A Christian organization for high school students they call Young Life but that really ought to be called Popular Kids Getting Together To Do Stupid Shit and Pretend To Learn About a God Who Probably Doesn't Even Exist. The leaders go on and on about how Jesus accepts people as they are and loves everone equally, yet they have no problem with the fact that at a lot of schools it's only the richest, prettiest, and most athletic kids that go. These kids might not necessarily be bullies, but they sure as hell don't give a fuck how a fat, greasy-haired, socially awkward girl who's never had a boyfriend feels about the work of fiction that is the bible. Unless you've been on your school's homecoming court or have friends who have, don't bother stepping into one of their meetings, which do resemble that of a cult.
Tyler: Okay everybody, tonight's the first night of Young Life so if you're socially acceptable be sure to come!"
Haley: Tyler!
Tyler: Okay, sorry, just kidding, anybody can come. (Whispers to Haley) Anyone accept for Madison that is.
by angryliberal19 February 08, 2013
possibly the most evil thing created since abstinence. it corrupts usually level-headed, mature, intellectual teens into brain washed christian overload converting factories. it is also used to not only intensify obsessive christianity, but convert other people such as Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and non-denominationals. if youve heard of it, STAY FAR AWAY! it brain washes by making random teens trust you by weird games, mcdonalds, and recreational sports. After this they tell you jesus is the only thing you need and more propaganda like that, and of course the brainwash-ees will believe them because they make petty activities to make you trust them so you will eat anything they tell you right up. if you have friends, family, or anybody you remotely care about interested or involved in younglife, get them out unless you like zombies.
David Goldstein: Hey Mary, would you like to see a movie tonight?

Mary: Jesus doesnt like movies.

David: Ok....


David: And i love free thought, goodbye.
by Objective Viewpoint January 31, 2011
A cult in disguise as a place for teens to learn about God. Usually held at some adults house where they play pointless games and sing songs that are suppose to help the young lifers become closer with God.
Kid 1: Wow, I'm never coming back here again
Kid 2: Yea, seems like a cult to me


Kid 1: You're gay.
by gtfootball July 28, 2007
A club where young teens gather in the name of God and Christ and get the cops called on them for throwing televisions out of windows and disturbing the peace for some 'lesson' or various other things. They also say everyone is welcome, but it's very hard to get the location of the meeting out of them. Is usually in someone's house and is packed so tight you can't move. Includes: singing, rituals, running around, smoking pot in the corner, arriving wasted, screaming and being elitist bitches and hos.

It's separated into "Campaigners" and "Club". Campaigners is where deep talks about faith happens. Club is just horsing around while singing Christian songs... so 'you totally get something out of it'. No one attends Campaigners. The 'cool thing' is to go to 'club'.

Also known as "YL".
Mary: ZOMG!1one!1 Are you going to Young Life tonight?
Bob: Um... YEAH! I heard we're eating goldfish! LIKE, THAT IS SO TOTALLY EXCITING!!11eleven!!11 And Bobby... that hot leader... is SO BACK!
by Sean McNamara January 10, 2006
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