another way for saying shit without getting in trouble by the Russian Revolution (look up Russian Revolution for the definition).
"Holy shnit i forgot the math homework!"
by breast grabber January 25, 2005
Top Definition
shnit means funky, freaky, and full of style.
something shnitty is unique and extraordinary in any positive way.
this shortfilm is really shnit!
by mike mike mike October 09, 2006
Basically, it all boils down to the word....


Just with an N, so you can't really get in trouble!
Holy SHNIT thats kickass!
by Big Rog. February 07, 2005
A polite or funnier way of saying the word "Shit" that sounds like it but inst.
"Holy shnit she got a fat ass!"
by UraniumBullets April 11, 2009
What u say u sed when u get caught swearing around little kids.
Jordan: "Shit! I mean..."
Jessi: "Jordan! There r 10 year olds here!"
Jordan: "I sed shNit. W/ an N!"
Jessi: "Yea. A silent one!"
by KSDbabe9393 March 18, 2008
femail testicles, girly ballsack, shemale privates
damn, look at the shnits on that tank ass
by J-BOMB January 25, 2004
A little ungrateful kid.

One that bugs the shit out of you.
Shut up you little shnit. *slap*
by PussieFart June 21, 2009
When one sneezes and shits simultaneous.
Ewww Dylan just did a shnit, u can see it in his eyes..
by dyaln-miller69 February 08, 2014
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