another way for saying shit without getting in trouble by the Russian Revolution (look up Russian Revolution for the definition).
"Holy shnit i forgot the math homework!"
by breast grabber January 25, 2005
The combination of a sneeze and an accidental shit of the liquid consistency.
Not coming to work boss. I got the shnits.
by Okin, Mij and Trauts July 12, 2005
word that raisa and yena are exceptionally good at using.
Yena: "raisa, u r lookin incredibly shniteish today"
Raisa: " u look worse."
by raisaandyena May 05, 2004
Slang for people who can't spell "shit".
Duh I'm toopid, shnti! I mean shnit!
by oj the murderer September 12, 2003
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