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Used when something is either missing, or out of the ordinary. Can be used as a noun, verb, and adjective. Most commonly referred to by Bernard Jain and Joey Fuschetti. Also used to refer to a lap around the track.
Dang it, he shlooped my planner.


Go run a shloop!

What the shloop?
by Dana Siegel June 16, 2009
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The verb of a soft object interacting with air or another surface. Usually a males reproductive organ.
The limp penis shlooped over the women's head.

The melting ice-cream shlooped down the display glass.

Don't look if my shlong shloops out of my underwear
by tylerturchin October 10, 2014
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A word invented and popularized in St. Louis that can be used as a both a verb and an interjection. As a verb, shloop is used to describe a motion or an action, such as replacing "run" in the sentance "I will shloop to the grocery store this afternoon," and replacing "skied" in the sentence "I just shlooped down the moutainside for the third time today." As an interjection, shloop is used to exclaim pride and happiness, much like shouting "Yes!" or "Score!" after accomplish a difficult feat like scoring a touchdown or winning a lottery.
"I will shloop to the grocery store this afternoon"
"I just shlooped down the moutainside for the third time today."
by David Nykin September 05, 2005
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What you are doing right now if you are trying to figure out what the word SHLOOP means. I mean REALLY, is the Urban Dictionary the BEST place to learn the meaning of a word!?
You are SHLOOPING your time & intelligence by reading this right now!

You should SHLOOP back to what you were doing and stop looking up the word SHLOOP!

Don't you have anything better to do than to SHLOOP your time reading this?

Why are you STILL reading this? You are totally SHLOOPing your time. Go play Wii.
by SHLOOP-monsterss March 09, 2010
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adj: cool, hip, happenin', outta control, radical, knarley, out there
That's soo shloop!
"I think you're really shloop!"
by anonymous888 January 22, 2006
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The act of laying down or resting when one is tired but doesn't necessarily want to sleep, but most likely will when resting. Chilling with a high possibility of sleeping.
Person 1: Man I'm so Tired, but I don't want to sleep!
Person 2: Just Shloop!
Person 1: What is Shloop???!!
Person 2: You know, when you are really tied, but don't wanna sleep? You just rest and eventually end up sleeping later!
Person 1: Okay.. I'll Shloop!
by xxjaydexx August 18, 2012
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1.A subsitution for any word that cant be recalled off hand. Often used to describe something difficult to describe.

Variations: Shloobada, boda-shloop, shloobidy, shloopinski,shloopter, and shloopin
We went to the shloop with shloopinski and even though she was a shloobity shloopter she paid for the shloobada. Boda-shloop!
by Dr. Shloop and Jeronimo June 26, 2006
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