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Jain is a believer or follower of Jainism Religion.

"Jain" or more properly speaking "Jaina" means a follower of Jina, which is applied to those persons who have conquered the lower nature, passion, hatred, etc. The word ‘Jain’ comes from the word ‘Jina’ which means a conqueror. ‘Jina’ comes from the root ‘Ji’—’to conquer’. It means conquering the passions. It does not mean conquering nations. The passions are considered as enemies of the soul. They taint the natural qualities of the soul, obscure right belief, cause false knowledge and wrong conduct. Lust, anger, pride and greed are considered as the major passions.
Follower of Christianity is called a Christian, Follower of Hinduism is called Hindu similarly follower of Jainism is called Jain.
by Monica Jain November 17, 2012
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1-Wack ass dude who usually has the first name Harsh.
2-A kid sooooooo wack that nobody wants to talk to him, which usually results with him being shunned from the crew.
3-Wack kid that laughs at all his jokes and claims they're always funny.
4-'jained'-to kill a joke.
Dude 1: Yo did you hear about that cutie?
Jain: yea i heard about your mom, ahahhahahahaha.
Dude 1:
by jerseyjanitor201 January 18, 2011
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Something that is really fruity, feminine-like of a male.

Quite gay.
Geovanny: Hey bro, I like that scarf. Maybe we can go shopping together for one.
Bystander: "JAIN!"
by vvxpress December 27, 2009
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Jain is an act of Ninjaing, or stealing an item or thing. It can also be used as a noun in which the person calls someone a jain. This meens that this person is a person who ninjas or steals things, or that person is really really gay. Also one can yell jain to imply they are angry or simply to be inine.
Nick says "aaron you jain, you just stole my dignity"
Medivh says "Wow you are a complete jain" Instead of saying "Wow I completley hate you your gay.
Aaron yells "JAINNNNN"
by MIKE HUNT IN THE TWEEST June 25, 2008
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