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Not just a general term for the male genitalia, but one that describes a penis with substantial length and girth.
Holy shit, check out the shlong on that porn star!! He's really packin' some meat!
by Aw yeah October 14, 2003
slang for penis
put away you shlong cause I don't wanna see your dong
by blind December 10, 2003

what your girlfriend sucks
I fucked her so long my SHLONG hurts
by kdawg1631 February 26, 2010
reference to sonmeone who has a big penis
Damn Jim has got a big Shlong
by Jason 1228 January 21, 2010
short pants featuring extra long legs
Those gangster rappers really enjoy their shlongs
by damanian July 13, 2008
the thing you have in your ass right now
Damn, I cant get this shlong out of my ass
by A-Rab June 06, 2003
a large penis
It beacuse I have a hugh shlong isnt it.

My shlong is 80 pounds, I know you want this shit!
by chole west March 23, 2003
1. to buy and sell a currency simultaneously
2. to buy and sell a stock simultaneously

1. a trade consisting of both a buy and sell of the same currency, also known as a short and long position
2. a penis
Verb Phrase
1. to shlong, I am going to shlong eur/usd right now
2. shlonging, I am enjoying shlonging eur/usd.

Used as a noun:
1. I am loving my shlong right now.
2. I am waiting for movement in the market to release my shlong.
3. I am going to hit eur/chf with a shlong.
by porchmonk November 16, 2011

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