a ridiculously large penis that can only be achieved by surgery.
I was watching porn and this guy had a shlong so massive i chopped mine off in respect for it.
by i am legitimate July 21, 2009
Capri length pants for men. see shants
Should be avoided by most men, however, I have seen offenders trying to pull off the look.
That guy's shlongs are too tight and look horrible with those shoes.
by HaykeyT June 16, 2009
A huge dick , penis, rod
Adel has a fucking small shlong.
by Jose Garcia gonzalarz Jimmy October 07, 2008
a long hanging penis
did you see wayne's shlong?
by WayneLongDick June 10, 2011
A penis of gargantuan size; in both length and width.
While in the changeroom, Yahye said "Holy shit Nasser, you have a big shlong ".
by rotflol360 November 21, 2008
A word that describes my penis: Large, juicy, and scrumptious.
"Wow Will you have a huge shlong", says Diamonts mom.
by Will A Jemil November 02, 2005
It's a fuckin dick!!
Hey... My <shlong> is felling happy. Would you like to fuck me?
by Anonymous July 02, 2003

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