Thing used to bone girls.
I like shlong.
by Kenithkay May 25, 2008
a really fat,long, slimy, and vainy penis
"man that bankskank licks shlong"
by alex brownie April 09, 2008
The long thing in the 'danger-zone', Penis.
shut the fuck up or i'll slap you with my shlong
by Ezra Peters November 20, 2007
a long weiner
that shlong is a long weiner! damn now i'm gonna piss my pants.
by flygirlsu March 31, 2004
a large penis
It beacuse I have a hugh shlong isnt it.

My shlong is 80 pounds, I know you want this shit!
by chole west March 23, 2003
Slang for penis. Usually is big.
Wow. Look at that shlong!
by DarylDixionIII May 12, 2014
1. to buy and sell a currency simultaneously
2. to buy and sell a stock simultaneously

1. a trade consisting of both a buy and sell of the same currency, also known as a short and long position
2. a penis
Verb Phrase
1. to shlong, I am going to shlong eur/usd right now
2. shlonging, I am enjoying shlonging eur/usd.

Used as a noun:
1. I am loving my shlong right now.
2. I am waiting for movement in the market to release my shlong.
3. I am going to hit eur/chf with a shlong.
by porchmonk November 16, 2011

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