A floppy penis.
"Too man dicks, too many dongs, too many shlongs, now sing this song"
by TheDudeofRude April 16, 2009
A huge dick , penis, rod
Adel has a fucking small shlong.
by Jose Garcia gonzalarz Jimmy October 07, 2008
Thing used to bone girls.
I like shlong.
by Kenithkay May 25, 2008
a really fat,long, slimy, and vainy penis
"man that bankskank licks shlong"
by alex brownie April 09, 2008
The long thing in the 'danger-zone', Penis.
shut the fuck up or i'll slap you with my shlong
by Ezra Peters November 20, 2007
a long weiner
that shlong is a long weiner! damn now i'm gonna piss my pants.
by flygirlsu March 31, 2004
a large penis
It beacuse I have a hugh shlong isnt it.

My shlong is 80 pounds, I know you want this shit!
by chole west March 23, 2003

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