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a big dick.
matt really loved the guys shlong.
by haliebop August 14, 2008
A long penis, commonly associated with straight men.
Brad wipped his shlong out but Angelina couldn't fit all of it in her mouth.
by immature May 01, 2006
it means a dick i cant believe you didnt know that
Tom: Do you like shlong ?

Mary: Yes, i like it in my mouth.
by nbsaibot June 25, 2009
A very very large cock ( PENIS )
Joe S has a huge shlong
by ohferret May 07, 2003
1) a long penis. opposite of "shlort"

kudos to Russell Peters
Girl 1: "man my boyfriends dick is such a shlong!"
Girl 2: "OMG you're so lucky!!!"
by snakeye February 20, 2009
What you say when you see a dick so well hung, you condense the phrase "Shit that's long" to shlong.
I had one NICE ride on that shlong.
by anstsabvrhsn February 23, 2010
one of the many nicknames for one's penis
my shlong aint so long.
by jackolyn marie July 21, 2008