Sha-it wha-ind: A fart; flatulence; gas; stink.
"Those beans gave me Shit Wind."
by Erin Lambert September 29, 2006
Top Definition
the vile stench that wafts through the air as the result of a fart
Ugh, there sure is a powerful shitwind coming from that bathroom.

Arr, matey, there's a shitwind a blowin'!
by creaternity May 05, 2006
Slang term in the through-the-earth radio industry.

Low frequency electromagnetic interference that results in a noisy communication link and introduces bit errors in transmissions, i.e. the shitwinds
Markus: I can't read the text messages you transmitted
Andrew: That's because the shitwinds are ablowin'
by eeeeeh January 25, 2013
This is often used when the conversation is far from the truth and all the facts are disregarded. Shitwinds blow hardest in jealous rage.
The Shitwinds are blowing hard tonight, you are listening to someone defaming or disrespecting something or someone.
by LittleBirdy April 28, 2013
a person who is over shadowed by everyone and always tooken as granted by ignoring, never noticing, not caring what their doing or saying.
random person: wow no one cares what johnny is always talking about. What a shit wind
by awsomeqman25 August 13, 2011
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