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Variants: Arrr, Argh, Ahaaaarr, Yargh.

Most often used by pirates, this is a word that can essentially mean anything. Usually a response in the affirmative, or general exclamation.
Pirate one: Arr, matey, do ye need more treasure?
Pirate two: Arr.
by Slurpy The Frog June 07, 2004
It can mean anything you want it to mean!
Arr I would like a muffin. Arr This saucy wench is getting on my nerves! Arr That Cunt! Arr you're dumb for looking up the word 'Arr.' Arr you jackass!
by Mr. & Mrs. Gomes January 01, 2008
Explicitive used to connotate a profound state of emotion as determined by the method and context of articulation.

Contrary to popular belief, the term was never used by pirates, but in fact originated in the book, Treasure Island.
by Mad Morty April 10, 2009
In West Bromwich this is used as the affirmative Yes in answer to a question
Are you going to go out on Friday night?

by Anonymous October 17, 2003
It is used to show excitement. Most commonly takes over the word "wow".
Arr, this basketball game couldn't be more interesting.
by Crazyfunk November 18, 2007
Aquired Ricer Regret Syndrome
A horribly disfiguring disease that attacks people's vision and nervous system. It is seen often affecting people age 15-19. It Effects a persons ability to make good judgement and taste, the final result is usually a set of altezza's, followed quickly by regret and remorse.
"Dood, stop your little brother before he gets hit with a serious case of ARRS. There is no cure you know."
by -KangaRod- February 19, 2004
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