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Approaching, or in excess of 500. (For gross excess of 500 see: Mega shit load or fuck load.)
In response to seeing a quantity of wads equal to 500: "WOW! That's a shit load of wads."
by Demiter March 11, 2007
Shitloads is "short" for lots.
I have shitloads of Mp3s on my computer.
by Rebel Racer November 13, 2004
The ammount of perfect solutions Brandon has sold in a week!
Holy shit! Brandon has sold a shit load of perfect solutions this week,resulting in him getting an ass load of money.
by Bra Strap March 02, 2009
a collection of songs, numbering more than 2, by a particular artist or musical group, played in succession on SQUIZZ (XM radio channel 48)

Often introduced by a "Twilight Zone" parody, including theme music.
DJ: "there is a shit load of Alien Sex Fiend coming your way next on squizz"
by Denard Glanton November 16, 2006
A load of mascerated shit held in a tank of a vessel. The load varies depending upon the size of the vessel. A recreational vessel will have a smaller shitload (20 G) than a commercial vessel (1000 G).
There's a shitload of stinking crap floating on the water.
by Sapon January 13, 2005
A whole bunch of....
HoMiE. you got a ShitLoad of weed right thurr
by SeXyPiMpEtT January 09, 2004
The collective noun used to describe a group of policemen
A herd of cows, a flock of geese, a shitload of cops.
by not the milkman October 05, 2011