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Taking a hit from a joint, bowl, bong, bubbler, any device packed with weed then drink a beer then a shot without releasing the smoke from your lungs/mouth.
When i strike-out i get so fucked up i almost shit myself
by tookis April 05, 2010
Somebody who possesses unattractive traits or misbehaves on a regular basis.
Stop cursing at me you shithead.
by tookis April 05, 2010
A feminine product used for cleaning out the female vagina.

Also slang that means something closely related to asshole or shitface.
Why'd you poo on my jacket you douche bag?!

Jenny, my pussy is dirty can you get me my douche bag?
by tookis April 05, 2010
When i man and a woman are eloping on the bed in a sitting up right fashion and the man lifts the women into the ceiling fan so her head gets chopped off and the man gives himself a blowjob with the severed-off head.
A man gives a woman a necro-slice
by tookis April 05, 2010

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