1.Someone who is a retard and a homosexual faget.May become verry dangerous.
2.Someone who either has been shit on the head by a bird or
a persone that does not have a brain and just decides to try to crap on his own head. (can also be used to say:S-H...)
1:Hey guy! what the hell are you doing. OH DEAR ! RRRUUNN!!!!He IS A SHIT-HEAD(sees a shotgun and a hot girl)=Rampage City
2:AAH Crap ! YOU F***ING Rat with wings ! 2::You stink. Ewe ! you smell like crap.ON YOUR HEAD !
by Blubid April 24, 2008
Another old man, trying to forget that he's an old man by going to a student pub. It doesn't work though, we all know that he is SHITHEAD
Hey, there's Shithead with his ugly woman
by Pete February 25, 2005
i card game played by hardcore muthafuckas. made famous by winnerburn and his massive. there are many adaptations to the rules but anyone who doesn't play by the winnerburn rules is a pussy
winnerburn - 'here mate do u fancy a game of shithead?'
shep 'hell yeh bitch'
by Shep The Wiggerist November 10, 2006
to smell like shit all the time
to not wash yo ass and you smell like a shit head
by daiyaan December 04, 2007
Shithead is a person who loves to see turds fly around.
by Evil Madness July 26, 2003
shit head
someone that's really gay and
does stupid things.
by Raymond .H June 29, 2003
its true what people say 'you cant polish a turd'
unpolishable turd
by daniel bumme November 20, 2003

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