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a word originated in the south park movie: bigger, longer, and uncut. Though rarely used as such, it literally translates into one with dung on his face rubbing on a penis, either a human or an animal penis is still in question
Strange how stupid it seems when translated, eh?
by mysteriousman July 19, 2004
35 14

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Some one who is drunk and sucks cock.
"Terrance, you are such a shit faced cock master"
by Jägermeister February 19, 2004
210 42
A term to described a man who is shit faced, and loves cock. from the movie South Park
oh! you shitfacedcockmaster!
by blackmage53 December 08, 2004
43 9
/N/ One that has a face consisting of solid excretion of the anus, and is the master of all the is and related to the male genitalia.
"I hate you, you stupid shit-faced cockmaster, I think your mother went to school on raising shit-faced cockmasters, that is why you are such a shit-faced cockmaster... thank you."
by Coolio January 16, 2004
38 25
A man or woman who enjoys eating other people's shit and loves cocks. Can be referred to as master of all cocks. Usually used as an insult between men.
As in - uhhhh you like to eat shitty cocks; you are a shitfaced cockmaster
by G-DUDE May 27, 2006
26 26
someone who is an ugly person, and also likes to suck the cock, usually really good at it, making them a master!
aw, man, ur such a shit faced cock master!
by Iworshiprodneymullen August 17, 2003
29 83