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A form of lubricant that enables the user to perform hi speed punching the clown and reach their point of ejaculation much quick then a user of the traditional dry jack. Also used where anal sex is required by law.
Astroglide is the top performer when it comes to anal sex. Don't play in the mud without it!
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
The ability to perform serious masterbation on one's self without the use of genital lubrication which may lead to the inevitable cock chafe!
Keep that dry jacking shit up and its bound to fall off Jimmy!
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
The act of repeatidly stroking the beast in a fashion to which others may think you are choking your own genitals.
Stop Billy!! It looks like you punched the clown into a coma!
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
One who sucks the most cock on a road trip.. and taking a few stabs to the brown eye while doing so.
Damn how is Sally always the road whore?
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
When you've dry humped till your mushroom tip has a strawberry on it!
Dammit bitch I said watch out for my dongberry!
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
A person who is of course a real cockmaster.. who can and will take a good shit on someone's face. (As Needed)
Johnny! get out his way.. he's the shitface cockmaster I been telling you about.
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
The physical body bent in a way for the anus to be worn fashionably on one's head.
Next time I see you round here boy you will be wearing that dumb ass of yours as a hat!
by ChangWang June 14, 2003
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