A person who is of course a real cockmaster.. who can and will take a good shit on someone's face. (As Needed)
Johnny! get out his way.. he's the shitface cockmaster I been telling you about.
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
Top Definition
A term used in the South Park movie, first by Terrance and Philip. Used as an insult, meaning your face is shit and you are the master of cock
You are a shitface Cockmaster
by JV May 09, 2004
A person of the human race that is a piece of shit; also see Pancheri
Ms.Pancheri is a shit face cock master
by Rob August 22, 2003
someone who has shit on their face and is a master of cocks
Jonny your a shitfacecockmaster you know that?
by Andy Perry February 16, 2004
Someon who is always drunk and suck dick all the time
Jon Hoffman is a shit face cock master who does it with Tim Alo every night
by Zach Garrison March 20, 2005
the act of being a shit face and loving cock at the same time(a homo asshole) that wont shut the fuck up
fuckin billy was being a shit face cockmaster so i slapped the shit out of him then teabag the fuck out of his face
by ed is awesome June 18, 2008
Kevin- a guy that goes to high school with me. hes a real duche.
Kevin is a shit face cock master
by J-Sizzle April 21, 2004
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