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the guy everyone knows that will fuck anyone, anywhere. also known as a hound, or manslut.
Woody is such a shitdick, have you seen his girlfriend? she is a butta-face.
by G-Diddy March 24, 2005
1 7
1)One whos penis shows the remnants of fecal matter due to previous rectal encounters with another male. 2)One who is, or show features of a gay person. 3)General insult.
1)I see that shit dick come out of the gay bar every friday night! 2)Stop acting like such a shit dick! 3)Get out of my face shit dick!
by flyboy_21 March 16, 2003
221 104
Insult that implies that the object is a homosexual.
What the fuck is wrong with you, shitdick?
by Ed Anger February 23, 2003
189 93
1) Someone (Usually gay) who has anal intercourse with either a man or woman, leaving fecal remnants on their penis.
2) A racist term regarding african-american, implying that their penis is brown-the color of shit.
1) Those two guys are total shitdicks.
2) That guy's listening to 50 Cent!? Jesus, what a shitdick!
by Redwhitencrue25 July 06, 2005
131 71
when u cornhole someone and pull out with extras
"i funked some nasty ghetto ho in the arse, and got poopdick!"
by condomkid September 19, 2003
129 81
The state of a penis after penetrating a rectum without a condom
I fucked her in the ass but I was left with shitdick
by Zarmanov May 20, 2003
55 32
Someone who's life, situation, or story always has to be worse than everyone else's. A literal dick made of shit would be the perfect example of a shitdick, as no matter how shitty your life is, no one wants to be a dick made of shit.
"Fuck. I got my dick caught in the shredder."
"Yeah? Well I'm a dick made of shit. How do you feel now?"


"Man, I have cancer."
"Man, I have two kinds of cancer!"
"Dude, don't be such a shitdick!"
by KvltmasterFlex August 23, 2009
46 27
Deregatory term used for men of the homosexual persuasion.
Look at those two shitdicks over there - you know they're gonna be packing each other's asses tonight.
by Kurt December 31, 2004
75 58