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To insert a penis into the anus. This comes from the word "fag" used as a slur for a homosexual man, but used as a verb.
Worker: "Each time I go into the boss' office, I think he's going to bend me over the desk and fag me."

Friend 1: "Did your girl let you do the third input?"
Friend 2: "Yeah dude! I fagged her!"
by steve1979 July 20, 2006
A partially drawn swastika that is turned into a different kind of graffiti by the artist when he thinks he's going to get caught. This is to lessen the severity of the offense of the graffiti. In other words, an aborted effort to draw a swastika.
The teacher caught Mark writing on his desk, but found only an abortstika. Therefore, Mark only got a detention and not a suspension.

Ryan and Tony managed to make the abortstika on the gravestones when they saw the police coming. Seeing how they were caught, they might as have been making non-offensive imagery.
by Steve1979 January 01, 2008
The act of pulling the foreskin of one man's penis forward and covering the head of another man's penis.
Ryan gave Mark a foldover and felt the texture of Mark's penis against his foreskin.

by steve1979 September 22, 2007
A cold, wet, soggy, decaying food substance. Usually describing forgotten food left in the back of the refrigerator or pantry.
After finding the crapnasty leftover salad in the back of the refrigerator, I knew where the fruit flies were coming from.

Dude you've got crapnasty pizza in here from two months ago! Clean the fridge!
by Steve1979 December 22, 2007
The ghost of an animal. Combine the word phantom and animal, and you get phantimal.
When Nyomi woke up, she saw her old cat Smokey, but she died three years ago. So it must have been a phantimal.
by steve1979 January 06, 2008
A chocolate cruller. A cruller is a doughnut style pastry that's twisted around itself and about eight inches long. It's irregular in shape and kind of lumpy, like a long bit of human feces. Yet it is long, like an erect penis. Hense the name "Shitdick."
"I stopped by the doughnut shop and bought us some shitdicks and coffee."
by steve1979 July 18, 2006
The period of time a husband must masturbate because his wife is healing from childbirth.
Ryan: "Did you cure that postpartum drip?"
Mark: "No, my wife still has stitches in her lady parts."
by steve1979 May 14, 2011

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