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the box that cats take shits in. also known as a litter box. they can also be urinated in
My friend travis was at my neighbors house a few days ago and he had to take a piss. he didnt want to go down stairs, so he jsut peed in the cats shit box. the next day the cat came to shit in the shit box and say the large sum of pee that wasnt hers. the cat didnt know where all the pee came from, so she sat down, looked constipated and peed in the shit box
by the cheat February 19, 2003
a piece of shit mustang with a fake cobra motor and wheels usually owned
by a piece of shit named chris m.
chris's mustang is a shit-box
by dean serafine September 15, 2003
Ford Ranger...
man, your Ford Ranger is a complete shitbox.
by elpardak April 05, 2009
a derogatory term for a television
This f*@king shitbox is sending my head up me hole
by Gerry November 17, 2004
Taking a dump into the vagina. As in giving a shitbox.
I gave my old lady a shitbox last night.
by Jason February 06, 2005
shitbox A way of feeling
My god "ted" I'm feeling like a shitbox today.

by Cypryss September 17, 2005
noun, 1.buttocks,when clothed; 2.ass-crack, anal cleff, and buttocks when unclothed
dude! look at the shitbox on that dude.
by Michael May 21, 2004