A lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use
The look on Dean's face was indescribable after Waan poured the contents of the shitbox on his face
by Smokey68 October 29, 2008
Firefighter's term for an ambulance.
"Christ, this is the third trick in a row the Captain's put me on the shitbox. No prob, I'd rather run some whiffy rectal bleed than a house fire."
by Crawlover July 03, 2004
The arse, rectum or anus.
I just jammed it up her shitbox last night!
by Bear January 23, 2003
Used to describe something with a horrible smell. Bad smelling.
(Walks into the locker room)

Gabby: It smells like a shit box in here.

Kelsey: I know, it smells disgusting.
by aliengabbs2 October 16, 2010
A shitbox is a girls asshole aka. a shitbox!!!
You really want to fuck a bitch her if u kick ass if ur a Noob u stick to pussy like some people i know!!!
Dont be a foolie put it in her coolie!!!!
Yo I want to fuck that bitch in her shitbox and blow her spokes!!!

Black People love to do White Girls in their shitboxes!!!
by Nick Lacey January 14, 2008
a box construction workers shit in when there are no toilets around
i fell in crap when the shit box i was using collapesed
by phil October 13, 2003
The television set. Can also mean the programming.
What is on the shitbox today?

Are you going to watch the shitbox now?
by gifrancis May 10, 2008

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