a box construction workers shit in when there are no toilets around
i fell in crap when the shit box i was using collapesed
by phil October 13, 2003
A way of describing something you don,t like or when something bad that has happened.
Mick; Hey luke, how was your meal?
Luke; Shit box!

"Shit box!!!!" Said Mick after kicking his toe on his neighbors fence.
by Yukudufukuda August 04, 2006
a place where lil key key used to shit
"Come on key key use your little shitbox!"
by HockeyGoon January 14, 2005
1) A bothersome person who is of no use to the world other than to be thrown in a box of shit. 2) An unfortunate event or unlucky occurence that puts you in a figurative box of shit
1) Rigo is such a shit-box.
2) Man, you really got shit-boxed.
by big-k1d October 02, 2003
When you end up with a mouthful of ash from the last hit of a bowl of marijuana.
Ugh, I just got shitboxed.
by Twistedprincesss November 11, 2011
Substitute for any noun that is to the displeasure of the sayer.
That car is a Shitbox.
by SmurfMP514 December 06, 2004
1. A tray for an animal to relieve itself on.

2. Abj. describing something that is mildly crap.

See expansion word shit crate
1. The cat's using his shit box

2. Tony Blair is a shit box primeminister.
by Googly April 12, 2004

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