a brash description of one's asshole.
"damn honey, u really smashed my shit box this morning."
#ass #bum #brown-eye #dumper #brownie
by VinDeisel May 08, 2009
(n)1. Literally a box filled with shit. 2. A car so thoroughly crappy (I.E. one with a muffler hanging off and/or a dented up car) that everyone hates it and calls it a shit-box.
"Damn! Your car is a shit-box!"
by James May 29, 2003
A shit box is another word for a mammals anal sphincter.
Yo, check out the shit box on that
bar-whore over there!
by MT Sack June 21, 2003
see: Chevy
This shit box won't move. Give me a push.
by Danny Lockheed November 12, 2003
1.A total and complete piece of shit.
2.Basically, a pile of wreckage that the Navy keeps wanting to fly...even though it has more Maintenance hours than Flight hours.
3 See: C-130T
Hey Dave, are you ready to go out and work on that Shit Box 164997?
#c-130t #hercules #navy #shit #box
by Diggs the Mountie November 23, 2006
1. Shitbox is a colloquialism meaning "anal canal". However, although technically "shitbox" may be used as a direct substitute for "anal canal" it is in fact used almost exclusively when referring to the act of anal sex. Specifically one gets taken up the shitbox or one party takes a second party up the shitbox of the second party. It is worth noting that "Shitbox" is often shortened to shitter".

2. Due to the social unacceptance of anal sex in polite society a secondary derived meaning of shitbox is "very bad".

Unsurprisingly the term is derogatory and used mainly by male virgins in the company of their peers during puberty when discussing their as yet unactualised sexual desires and fantasies.

Especially popular in Kent in the mid 1990's "taken up the shitbox" rose to become the favourite phrase of the sixthform boys of Chatham house boys grammar school in Ramsgate, Kent in the years 1996-8.
1. Nigel have you taken her up the shitbox yet?

2. Yes I bent her over my Astra outside Frank's and gave it to her hard right up her shitbox.

3. And did she like it in the shitbox?

4. What the fuck to you think? Have you ever met a bird who liked it in the shitbox? Oh no you are a virgin aren't you.

5. So are you Nigel you lying shitbox.

6. Shitbox!
by Brian Tyler October 21, 2004
an ass or asshole
hey jeff' wanna touch on my shitbox

hey jeff, look at the shitbox on that lady
#ass #butthole #rectum #anus #pooper #fuck hole #dick entrance #stairway to heaven
by jagginoff December 07, 2010
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