What your employer puts your mail and personal belongings in after you've been fired.
I've been told to put your mail, and your files in a shit-box at the front desk. As you already know, Andrea unlocks the elevators at 7:00 AM, so the box will be waiting for you.
by Rupert Pupkin September 07, 2006
any car/brand produced by the Ford Motor Company
Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, ect
by Trans_Am May 28, 2005
A bathroom.
"Hey, my parents are building a new house and in it I get my own shitbox attached to my room."
by sigge000001 January 18, 2010
This is what happens to a cunt when a woman wipes her ass in the wrong direction.
Sally rotten crotch wipes forward and her crotch turned into a shit box.
by Nicesta April 10, 2008
used to describe the ass of someone.. not someone who is an ass but their ass
Can be used in two ways:
Dude1: watch that seriously hot chick over there..she is epic..

Dude2: I kno i'd bust the shit box off her all night..

Or the other way..

Dude1: Fuck you man!
Dude2: Fuck ME!! Be wide little maurice or i'll stuff your mouth with toilet paper and bust the shit box off you
by El Papa Libre March 01, 2011
all types of xbox
that shitbox 360 is shit!!!!!!!!11
by :O :D January 22, 2009
A lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use
The look on Dean's face was indescribable after Waan poured the contents of the shitbox on his face
by Smokey68 October 29, 2008
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