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A fart that has that distinct, almost sweet-smelling, odor of shit, because the person who let it has to shit.
That was a shit fart. Go to the bathroom and take a shit you filthy pig!
by Lefugue August 13, 2009
the act of shitting your pants after you fart
when you got to take a shit reall bad and the fart cant wait, splat its a shit fart
by Anonymous March 31, 2003
farts that warn of a bowel movement or that a bowel movement is imminent.
ned hadn't shit in two days but had shitfarts before he crapped his pants.
by Jack May 10, 2004
A usually smelly fart which smells like rotten eggs.

See also: egg fart
Damn! Who was it that let a shit fart? It smells like pure shit!
by John November 17, 2003
it all starts with a table with the words shit fart on it one drunk kid and lots of sex.
girl and boy walk upstairs to find all of their friends shirtless... this is what shit fart night is all about
by hot momma February 06, 2004
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