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AKA Dungloe Street Fighters.

Group of youths who terrorize the small, usually peaceful village of Dungloe in Co. Donegal.

Well known locally for their unforgiving Mafia style leaders, the DSF regularly steal from The Cope and have been the main reason why Dungloe haven't won the Tidy Towns this last few years.
Did ya see that flower pot dug up in yer wan's garden?

Aye, the fucking DSF are at it again >:(
by Concerned Local November 07, 2010
= Dirty Street Fight.
Tanfan and Trevor are totally DSFing on the RCMB!
by ChadHennesTailBone October 09, 2005
Dick Sucking Face. The face you make when you suck dick. A play off of DSL (Dick Sucking Lips)
"She has a pretty hot DSF"
by pookie5435 November 03, 2011
drink, smoke and fuck!!
"Hey bro, what do you wanna do tonight?
-Right on!"
by Myriam and Pat June 28, 2010
Designated Sober Friend.

That one friend who doesn't drink or smoke at all, but comes with you to all the parties. Sometimes they might get made fun of, but you can always depend on them to get you home.
"Hey, wanna hit up Delta Upsilon tonight?"
"Sure! I'll grab Katie, she's a great DSF."
by KernelCore October 01, 2014
Woke up with a gash in head...must have been a DSF
by KinoStrick April 27, 2012
by zxcv May 17, 2003

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