A fictitious creek, that has shit flowing just like water would normally flow. As a figure of speech, one might say "I am drowning!", but if it worse than that, one may say "I am drowning in shitcreek".
If one creek did exist, one would probably have more of a chance of living after falling in shitcreek, than a normal creek, due to the viscosity of feces being higher. Most people usually do not think about this, because it’s not something you think about.
"If you do not complete that proposal, we are going to be 15 miles up shitcreek."
by word genie February 20, 2005
Top Definition
A metaphor for deep trouble, usually one is said to be up shit creek without a paddle.
I just killed my roommate and I don't have an alibi...I'm up shit creek without a paddle.
by Pork King April 30, 2003
An extremely fucked-up situation far from any situation where you'd ever think, wish, dream or want to be. A unduly precarious position usually the cause of an unforseen set of circumstances.
My car was stolen on February 20, 2006. I purchased the car in 10/2004 and I didn't purchase gap insurance. Insurance company didn't pay out enough to cover my lean...and I have to pay the rest of the money of the stolen vehicle. I am so the fucking far up shit creek. I lost my paddle.
by Elsanett Alexander February 22, 2007
When you get stuck in bad situation.
Man, Tim got friend zoned. I feel bad for him cause now he's up shit creek.
by yomommaskipp January 19, 2014
1. A place which is far away from any place which is deemed to be inhabitable by the human species.
2. AKA "Dawson's Creek"
3. A place you can be when you find yourself in a troublesome position..usually floating without the aid of a paddle
1. I wanna go to the party, but it's out near bloody shit creek
2. I wanted to watch TV but my sister was watching shit creek
3. Oh, I just ran over nan's cat..now I'm up shit creek without a paddle
by orgabulator June 03, 2004
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