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When you move time zones and your shitting schedule is thrown off for weeks, due to the time change. It is similar to jet lag, but it is much more difficult to recover from.
Man, it's been a month since I moved from NY to TX, and my shitting schedule is still off. I just can't get into a normal routine. I'm suffering from a severe case of shit lag.
by warspreadeagle August 05, 2013
similar to jet lag, but regarding faeces and the irregularity of bowl dropping
man #1 - hey man. i've just had 28 shits in just two and a half days and before that i hadn't had one in months.
by stoive March 07, 2005
The time lapse between your fart and the smell hitting yours, or indeed any one else's nostrils.
Have you just farted?
Can't smell it yet.
Don't worry there's a bit of a shitlag on that one.
by wombledrummer February 04, 2010
The lagging of shit, or junk mail on your computer.
I hate it when my computer shitlags.
by Nelly Tatarin April 25, 2008
Similar to jet-lag. This refers to when you have bowel troubles and 'shit' alot. This often lasts for over two days, after which you may find yourself not going to the toilet for a few days. This is referred to as 'shitlag'
After an illness i picked up on the maldives, i shat alot and had shitlag.
by Julian Meinardi February 18, 2005
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