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The effects of having to quickly become accustomed to routine in another time zone and also of altitude changes. Causes fatigue.
Jet lag is an expected scapegoat for laziness, or a sports team fucking up
by Kung-fu Jesus July 06, 2004
When you travel to a different country and the difference between them (in hours) is too big, you might suffer of jetlag. Sometimes it has.. a headache, dizzy feeling or any other health problem.
jon: were you sleeping?
andrew: ooohh.. mate im toooo tired.. my jetlag is killing me.
by RavnosUk November 07, 2007
A condition that is characterized by various effects as fatigue and irritability, occurs following long flight through several time zones, and probably results from alteration of biorhythms in the human body.
I had a long trip, I'm really tired and jet lag is horrible.
by Cesar January 02, 2005
The experience one has when your head says you're in one time zone, your body says you're in another.
My mother's friend was once so jet lagged that she fell asleep standing up in a store.
by Bookish13 June 14, 2009
Jet Lag is sleeping disorder caused by traveling long distances,and time differences.There's also a great song called Jet Lag by Simple Plan.
I woke up in the middle of the night when i was in England.Im so Jet Lagged.
by GetYourBlackStarOn! September 16, 2011
The moment when a guy thinks he's going to ejaculate, but doesn't. This May result in restarting your masturbation session or an accidental ejaculation.
Julio had bad jet lag, causing him to ejaculate minutes later than he thought.
by Booed December 11, 2013
A person experiences jet-lag when two bowls are being passed around the room in opposite directions and that person keeps receiving both bowls at the same time.
Andy: Dude, this is rediculous i can't keep hitting both of these at the same time. stall one so i can catch my breath.
Pat: Jet-lag
by p55n4d3r February 18, 2010
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