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The point of intoxication where ones state of mind makes them believe that they are actually in the movie pirates of the caribbean
dude i was so shipwrecked last night when someone said wheres the rum, i actually thought i was in pirates of the caribbean
by i cant think of a name February 20, 2009
23 16
Finding one's self on the toilet, finished with business and without toilet paper.
"Dude!"... "Dude?" "Dude I'm totally shipwrecked in here, man....Can you slide some napkins under the door or something?"
by Brett H. Again March 24, 2009
15 11
When a fan of a series makes a prediction about relationships between characters but is devastated to discover the inaccuracy of said predictions, that fan is said to be ship-wrecked.
Certain Harry Potter fans found themselves ship-wrecked when Harry entered a relationship with Ginny.
by burdettb October 31, 2010
4 1
Waking up in sea foam with both hands on the mast and seamen everywhere
"dude did you see James after the party?!"
"No what happened?"
"He was totally shipwrecked on the kitchen floor"
by Eishatheasian March 25, 2014
0 0
you start doin a girl then you knock her out half way on a couch half way on the floor and steal her clothes
"Chris ship wrecked Mary last night. She was so pissed when she woke up."
by Hugh Janis June 28, 2008
1 5
The end result of getting your "Sea Legs" the night before.
dude, that Five-O gave me sea legs, and now I'm shipwrecked!
by Davercadaver May 18, 2011
0 7