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Alias for an individual of exceptional intelligence whose mental capacity far surpasses average joe or even fucking intelligent joe. Derived from Dustin Hoffman's depiction of Kim Peek in the 1988 film of the same title.
Richard you will now be known as Rain Man because of your ability to solve mechanics problems that leave the rest of us perplexed and scratching our balls.
by DrHenryMoody July 12, 2010
The opposite of shipmate. A crew member who is an all round liability and as competent as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition.
Tim: "Alright John, did you do as i asked?"
John: "I forgot"
Tim: "Okay shipwreck I ll get someone else to do it"
by DrHenryMoody July 14, 2010
The art of doing nothing when there are important tasks in hand. Derived from Steve Jobs' latent disinterest at recalling any Apple products that have a design fault e.g the iphone 4 and instead thinking up future products with major design flaws that will cause the eventual decline of capitalism
Tom had been steeving around all day and did the sum total of fuck all.
by DrHenryMoody July 05, 2010
A fiddler, an individual whose incessant interference during the night can cause a predicament the next day. This could be at work i.e. a night worker putting a day worker up shit creek without a paddle because of his meddling during the late shift. A second application could be made in a domestic situation where a family member raids the fridge late at night leaving a mess to be cleared up the next morning. Midnight Meddlers invariably do not sort out their own mess.
Sam: "What the hell happened here? It was fine last night"
Rollo: "Must have been the midnight meddlers."
by DrHenryMoody July 14, 2010

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