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a way of getting to someone through someone else.

an "in"
could be to do with an 'inside man'
"Tell the pin I want words, Brad is my calling card."
by AQM December 04, 2006
steal drugs, sell half, cut the rest back, the rest is bad.... unusable, probably coma inducing.
"she stole it and gave it back, but she cut it back wrong / bad."
by AQM December 04, 2006
Pack; always to do with a knife or bladed weapon
usually concealed

coined (to my knowledge) in the movie "Brick"
Shines a blade. (carries one in his pocket or out of sight on his belt).
by AQM December 04, 2006
1. verb: to dose take a hit of a drug, take a reasonably consumable amount of a drug, maybe to test it, (see if it's bad) maybe for a high. Probably end up being both...
2. noun: a dose of a drug; dosage.
1. "I'll dose it if it'll shut you two apes up."
2. "took a dose and started trippin.
by AQM December 04, 2006
To leave, turn you heels to the situation.
See book it.
Sometimes interchangeable with "peace" as a verb, to peace, to leave. "peaced outa there pretty quick"
"Heel it now!"
"I heel'd that scene"
by AQM December 04, 2006

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