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A pimple on your buttocks...when squeezed, it may expel fecal matter instead of white pus (depending on its proximity to your asshole)
I have a horrible shimple right near my upper crack - I hope my lady friend doesn't see it!
by Matta P. September 16, 2007
the pimples you get sometimes when you shave your pubic hairs.
fuck dude i got like five shimples from shaving my pubes last night! now denise is gonna think i have fuckin herpes!
by Mac Kev June 09, 2007
When people can't say the word simple so they say shimple instead. I mean what is wrong with these people, I have heard it more than once.
Megan at badminton saying 'shimple'.
by Imogen_is_shimple July 19, 2006
When 1/4 to 1/2 of the dumps you take end up clogging the toilet.
I think I've gone through about four plungers since this latest bought of the shimples set in.
by Mr. Furious March 28, 2005

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